29 Nov 2018
Why it Pays to Partner with an Independent Insurance Agency

Benefits of securing commercial insurance from an independent agent. When it comes to insuring your business, it’s better to work with a local independent agency than a national, big-name insurance company. Here are some of the benefits of working with an independent insurance agency. Better Selection – Independent insurance agencies actually represent several insurance carriers. […]

11 Oct 2018
Liability Risks That Small Businesses Face

Don’t let these liability threats get the best of your small business. Small businesses face a considerable number of risks every day. However, some of the most expensive and devastating risks are those stemming from liability issues. To ensure the continued success of your company, watch out for and take precautions against these major liability […]

06 Sep 2018
Prevent Common Causes of Workplace Fires

Look out for these fire hazards at your workplace. Even if you have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers installed throughout your workspace, this isn’t enough to mitigate your business’s risk for a devastating fire. You need to go the extra mile and take preventative measures. Here are some common causes of workplace fires and how […]

23 Aug 2018
Protect Your Business Against Employee Fraud

Learn how you can keep your company safe from a fraudulent employee. While a good employee can be your business’s biggest asset, a bad one can negatively impact your business on multiple levels. While it’s relatively easy to protect your business from external threats, it’s harder to keep it safe from internal ones stemming from […]

19 Jul 2018
Protect Your Online Business with the Right Insurance

Find out how you can secure your online business with the proper insurance coverages. Do you run an online business? If so, you might be operating under the assumption that your business is free from any liability risks. However, this is simply not true. Just like any brick-and-mortar business, your virtual business faces a myriad […]